OKCMOA 2019 Football Clinic (UPDATED)

The 2019 OKC Metro Officials Association clinic will be held on June 21 – 22 at Norman North High School in conjunction with a 7-on-7 tournament. The Norman North High School campus is located at 1809 Stubbeman Ave. Norman, OK 73069. Please put this date on your calendar. The clinic will begin at 5:00pm on Friday, June 21.

Register by May 21, 2019 at the following link: OKC 2019 Football Clinic Registration.

The cost is $30.00; early registration is $15.00.Payment may be made via Paypal to paypal@okcmetroofficials.com or by mailing the check to:

OKC Metro Officials Assn
c/o Mike Stevenson
17650 E. Britton Rd.
Jones, OK 73049

Note: beginning with the 2020 season, you must have attended a clinic within the past 5 years in order to be eligible to work in the playoffs. Also, when all 5 officials attend as a crew, that crew is eligible to receive their 2019 HUDL videos for their varsity games through the OKCMOA HUDL setup at no cost.

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FOOTBALL: “Unnecessary and Excessive” Video

The link below goes to the Youtube video we discussed last night. I HIGHLY recommend you watch it at least twice.

Youtube: Blind-Side Blocks

NOTE: Again, this is NOT a new requirement for us or for OSSAA; this is an experimental interpretation that several states are working on together, most prominently Oregon and Hawaii.

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We are happy to announce that you may now use Paypal to pay your annual association dues, HUDL fees, camp/clinic fees, or any other money you might owe the Association. Please note that to use Paypal, we will require you tack on an additional $1 fee to cover the cost of using the Paypal service; we get charged for using it ourselves. For example, to pay your annual dues via Paypal, you will pay $26 rather than the usual $25. To make your payment via Paypal, please send to ‘paypal@okcmetroofficials.com’. If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Houk, Chris Mallow, or JT Deberry.

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Officiating Liability Insurance Opportunities

Because on-field liability is a huge concern for us, the topic of officiating insurance has come up recently. While our OSSAA membership provides some liability coverage for games we work as part of our NFHS affiliation, it’s only good for games we work that are OSSAA-sanctioned. So college work, men’s leagues/rec leagues, and youth league sports aren’t covered. It’s a good idea to consider other different options.

First, the NASO provides insurance if you register with their organization. A one-year membership is $103.00. For more information, go to the NASO website.

Second, the umpire.org site provides a liability insurance option with membership in the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association. The membership cost is $55.00 per year. However, you are covered only for amateur baseball and softball games.

Given the increasingly litigious nature of American society, particularly where sports are involved, we hope you will consider some option for insurance.

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OKCMOA is on Facebook!!

Did you know that the OKC Metro Officials Association has a group on Facebook? If you already are on Facebook, you can go check it out. Click the Facebook icon at the top of this page, or go here:

OKC Metro Officials

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